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Give staff a safeguarding update at the start of term

Kick off the spring term by delivering our safeguarding update to all your staff.

Suitable for:               All staff

Delivery method:       Face to face or remotely

Topics covered:         Changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education, part 1


                                   Online safety                    

                                   Harmful sexual behaviour

Contents:                   An adaptable presentation with activities, facilitator notes, staff handout 

Session length:          25 to 35 minutes

Download it now

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Induct new starters

Use our elearning course ‘Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials 2021/22’  to induct new starters at your school. There's a 10-question assessment at the end too, to check their knowledge. Or, use the elearning to refresh staff's safeguarding knowledge during the year.

Suitable for:                         All staff

Topics covered:                   Critical information staff need to know from Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021, part 1

Course length:                     1 hour 30 minutes

Certificate granted?            Yes

Copy the link below to invite your staff to the course.

Test staff knowledge of KCSIE part 1

Test staff knowledge and understanding of KCSIE, part 1 with our 10-question assessment (the questions are the same as the ones at the end of our 'Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials' elearning).

Copy the link below and send to your staff

Keeping Children Safe in Education - Part 1 assessment

Staff results will feed into your training dashboard, and they'll be able to download a certificate too.

Send safer recruitment elearning to those involved in recruiting

Share this 80-minute elearning course with any staff or governors involved in the recruitment process, to make sure they meet statutory requirements and keep pupils safe.

Suitable for:                         Those involved in recruiting, in particular safer recruitment leads

Topics covered:                   How to make sure your recruitment practice meets statutory requirements and does everything possible to protect children from risk of harm

Course length:                     1 hour 20 minutes

Certificate granted?            Yes

Copy the link below to invite your staff to the course.

Safer recruitment in education

Awareness days this term:

6 February

International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM

Use our resources below to remind staff what this issue is, their reporting duties, and what to look out for.

FGM staff factsheet FGM safeguarding scenario

7 to 13 February

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Use our resources below to check your staff know how to spot signs of potential sexual abuse or child sexual exploitation, and that they know what to do.

Sexual abuse scenario Child sexual exploitation scenario

7 to 13 February

Children’s Mental Health Week

Use our in-depth training sessions to make sure staff can spot potential signs of mental health issues, and know what they can do.

Pupil mental health: deepening understandingPupil mental health: anxiety

Pupil mental health: depressionPupil mental health: self-harm and suicidal ideation

8 February

Safer Internet Day

Share our 30-minute online safety elearning with staff. It covers:

  • The '4Cs' of online safety, and how to spot that a child may be suffering or at risk
  • Apps that your pupils may be using and the associated risks
  • Cyber-bullying and how to deal with an incident
  • Sharing nudes and semi-nudes and how to deal with an incident
  • Cybercrime and what to do if you're worried a child is involved

Or, use a staff meeting to do a quick activity with staff about top apps and games among children.

Download it here

Keep parents in the know about how to keep their child safe online with our parent factsheets.

Factsheets and briefings

18 March

National Child Exploitation Awareness Day

Let the video in our staff briefing do some of the work for you – an expert in child sexual exploitation explains what it is and what to look out for.

CSE staff briefing 

See more here.