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DSL Knowledge bank
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DSL knowledge bank
Safeguarding INSET pack
Identify gaps in knowledge using confidence tracker

Send colleagues a link to our online confidence tracker and use the results to tailor your school’s safeguarding training.

Download-and-deliver our INSET pack, updated for 2018

Meet your statutory obligations with our safeguarding training resources, perfect for September INSET and recently updated with September 2018 guidance.

Measure understanding with The Key’s safeguarding assessment

Ensure that all staff have understood key points from the training and have read the required documentation, with a quick, mobile friendly assessment.

Top up
Induct new staff with our safeguarding elearning course, updated for 2018

This self-access elearning course covers all essential points in the statutory guidance and eliminates the need for you to repeat face-to-face training throughout the year.