Popular apps and games among children: staff factsheet and activity

Online safety
Online Risks

Do your staff know what apps and games are popular with children at the moment? Use this factsheet and activity to make sure they're kept informed.

Last reviewed on 2 October 2023
Ref: 1852

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Staff factsheet
Staff activity

This factsheet covers 11 popular apps and games, and what staff should listen out for when pupils are talking about them.

Want to make it more interactive?

Use the activity:

  1. Split staff into groups. We recommend 2 to 4 people per group
  2. Give each group a copy of the activity document
  3. Assign an app or game to each group
  4. Give them 5 minutes to discuss what they know about the app or game, and potential risks to be alert to
  5. Bring the groups back together and for each app or game, ask 1 group to share what they discussed
  6. Then share the factsheet with staff
  7. Highlight that a key point is to always be alert to changes in a child, and report any concerns they have, no matter how small

Or, take a look at our safeguarding scenario on cyber-bullying, if you want to get staff to put their training into practice and test whether they recognise a potential safeguarding issue relating to online safety.

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