Pupil mental health: depression

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This session is part of a set of training sessions on pupil mental health. We recommend you start with our session on deepening understanding of pupil mental health, then deliver the sessions on specific issues. The other specific issues we have training sessions on are:

Learning objectives

In this session, staff will learn:

  • What depression and low mood are, and how they go beyond a 'bad mood'
  • How to spot potential signs of depression
  • How to talk confidently to a child about their concerns, so the child knows they're not alone, and how to help the child find ways to cope

What's in this training session?

Developed with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, this training session includes:

  • A ready-to-deliver PowerPoint presentation you can adapt to suit your school
  • Step-by-step facilitator notes
  • Activities to help staff put what they're learning into practice and encourage group discussion
  • Video to explain how depression can affect a child's daily life
  • Answers to common questions, to help you prepare for questions your staff may have 
  • Staff factsheet, which summarises key information staff need to know

We developed these resources with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families.

How to use these resources

  1. Download the PowerPoint presentation, facilitator notes, group activities, common questions, and staff handout
  2. Decide whether your staff need in-depth training, or more of an overview
    • If you want to cover this topic in depth, use all the slides and activities. The session should last 45 minutes 
    • If you want to give staff more of an overview, miss out the activities. The session should last 25 minutes
  3. Work through the facilitator notes. They tell you everything you need to know to prepare and deliver the PowerPoint presentation effectively, including what slides to use or delete to run this session in 45 minutes or 25 minutes. You’ll need these notes to hand when presenting
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