Child sexual exploitation (CSE): safeguarding scenario

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Types of abuse
Sexual Abuse
Criminal Exploitation

Test whether your staff can spot potential signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE), and how they respond.

Last reviewed on 30 April 2024
Ref: 1916

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Child sexual exploitation (CSE) - scenario

Share this scenario with your staff to test their:

  • Understanding of how to handle a safeguarding situation
  • Knowledge of your procedures

There are:

  • 2 scenarios within each document - one aimed at primary schools and the other for secondary schools. Delete the scenario that doesn't apply to your phase
  • 2 versions of each document - one with prompts for how staff should respond, and one without 

If you send the scenario to staff by email, make sure you use the version without the answers. Delete 'child sexual exploitation' from the file name before sending it, so staff don't see which safeguarding issue the scenario is about.

If you use the scenario at a staff briefing, make sure you give staff the version without the highlighted answer text.

Want to give staff more information on child sexual exploitation? Share our factsheet or run our more in-depth training with staff.

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