For Groups/MATs

Local authorities and MATs are able to purchase The Key for School Leaders, which includes Safeguarding Training Centre for all their schools. We can tailor our approach to suit your needs, so that schools get the most from the service.

Benefits of working with us

Compliant   Peace of mind for you and your schools

Ensure your schools are up to date and compliant with training requirements using with our timely email alerts and frequently updated articles

Save costs   Save costs

Group membership enables schools to access The Key for School Leaders at a significantly reduced price, which currently includes Safeguarding Training Centre at no extra cost

Save time   Free up school leaders’ time

Our ready-to-deliver training saves your school leaders time on creating their own face-to-face resources. It is also easy for schools to adapt presentations to their individual needs

Staff   Know your schools’ strengths and weaknesses

Our online assessments highlight follow-up training needs so you can act quickly to ensure your schools’ training needs are met

Focus 1   Allow your school leaders to focus on safeguarding in practice

Reduced training prep means more time to devote to pupils and in-school safeguarding issues

Impact   Ensure consistency across your schools

The training centre is an efficient way to ensure all your schools are using the same up-to-date training materials

Popular ways of working with us

·         Facilitating subsidised or reduced cost of membership on behalf of schools

·         Facilitating contributions from groups of schools, such as primary or secondary heads’ associations

·         Including The Key in your service level agreement with schools (basic package, opt-in or opt-out)

·         Buying access for all schools, or a set number of schools (single and multi-year agreements)

Get in touch

Phone   By telephone – 0800 061 4500

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