Spring term 2023: safeguarding update

Download your ready-made resources here

In this 25 to 30-minute session, you'll:

  • Remind staff of the changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) part 1 from September 2022
  • Stress to staff the signs of abuse they should always be on the look out for 
  • Highlight that a child may not always have the language or understanding to clearly explain that they are being abused - and what to look out for in these cases
  • Remind staff about which pupils may be particularly vulnerable
  • (Optional) Cover emerging online safety issues, including the risks of online gaming website Roblox
  • (Optional) Cover the safeguarding risks to 'ghost children' currently being discussed in the media

How to use these resources

  1. Download the PowerPoint presentation and facilitator notes
  2. Decide which topics you want to deliver
  3. Work through the facilitator notes. They tell you everything you need to know to prepare and deliver the PowerPoint presentation effectively. You’ll need these to hand when presenting.

Looking for more on specific safeguarding issues?

Our factsheets and briefings area has factsheets on more specific safeguarding issues that you can share with your staff, or use at a staff meeting. We also have scenarios to test whether staff can spot potential signs of safeguarding issues and their understanding of your procedures.

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