Knife crime: the essentials

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Use the video and optional activity to help your staff to:

  • Fully empathise with the devastating impact that knife crime can have  you'll hear first-hand from someone who lost her brother to knife crime as a child
  • Understand why some children carry knives, and recognise slang terms to listen out for
  • Feel equipped to talk to pupils about not carrying a knife
  • Know what to do in specific situations

This training will help you meet expectations under Keeping Children Safe in Education for staff to know about signs of involvement in serious violent crime, the risks, and how you manage these risks.

How to use this

Is knife crime a pressing issue for your school?

> Yes, I want staff to have a good understanding of the issue and have the opportunity to put their learning into practice

Deliver the whole presentation, including the video and activity. The activity will give staff an opportunity to practise what they learn from the video, so they feel more confident talking to a child about not carrying a knife. Allow about 40 minutes to do this, and 30 minutes to prepare.

> No  I want to increase awareness of the issue

Allow 25 minutes to show the video and deliver slides 1 to 3, and slides 6 to 9. Set aside 20 minutes to prepare. This will give staff the main information they need to know, but without the chance to put their learning into practice.

Or, if you can't deliver a face-to-face session, send out the staff handout and ask staff to watch the video and read the handout in their own time.

To prepare:

  • Start with the facilitator notes – they tell you everything you need to do to deliver this
  • Read the common questions document. It will help you confidently answer questions from staff on this issue

Remember: you need to be logged in to The Key Safeguarding to watch the video.

Looking for more on serious violent crime?

Our video and group activity on county lines will help you increase staff understanding of this growing issue and equip them to spot the signs.

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