Children with a family member in prison: safeguarding scenario

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Use this scenario with your staff to test their:

  • Understanding of how to handle a safeguarding situation
  • Knowledge of your procedures

There are:

  • 2 scenarios within each document - one for primary schools and one for secondary schools. Delete the scenario that doesn't apply to your phase
  • 2 versions of each document - one with prompts for how staff should respond, and one without

If you send the scenario to staff by email, make sure you:

  • Use the version without the answers
  • Change the file name so staff don't guess the answers after seeing what safeguarding issue the scenario is about

If you use the scenario at a staff briefing, make sure you give staff the version without the highlighted answer text.

Want to give staff more information on children with a family member in prison? Share our factsheet with them.

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