Child-on-child sexual abuse: staff briefing

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In this 1-hour session, updated in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023, staff will learn:

  • The key definitions and language around sexual harassment and sexual violence between children
  • What they can do to create a positive safeguarding culture with regards to sexual harassment and sexual violence
  • What to do if they become aware of sexual harassment and/or violence between children – what to do immediately, and next steps

How to prepare for this course

  1. Download the PowerPoint presentation, facilitator notes, group activity pack, staff factsheet and quiz
  2. Work through the facilitator notes first. They tell you everything you need to know to prepare and deliver the PowerPoint presentation effectively. You’ll need these to hand when presenting so if you’re training remotely, print them out or have them open on a separate device so you can refer to them easily while presenting your main screen
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