Training beyond compliance

Safeguarding Training Centre will cut the time you spend running annual safeguarding training and give you total confidence that you’re meeting your statutory obligations.

What is Safeguarding Training Centre?

  • 2021/22 INSET pack: Our adaptable 3-hr presentation covers the proposed KCSIE pt.1 update as well as a new interactive session on tackling sexual harassment in schools

  • eLearning for staff and governors: on topics such as safeguarding essentials, Prevent and safer recruitment

  • Training assessments: to identify knowledge gaps and evidence understanding

  • Training results dashboard: for easy reporting on staff confidence and assessment completion

  • DSL email updates: essential updates on the latest safeguarding news and requirements

  • Termly briefings and issue focused factsheets: for staff and parents


Browse Safeguarding Training Centre

Explore some of the resources available to members

Why use Safeguarding Training Centre?


Save time on creating training resources

by quickly adapting presentations to your local needs.


Fit training around packed timetables

through elearning, staff can learn and refresh knowledge in their own time.


Be compliant and have peace of mind

with our timely email alerts and frequently updated articles you’ll always be up to date.


Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses

our online assessments highlight follow-up training needs so you can act quickly.


Focus on safeguarding in practice

reduced training prep means more time to devote to pupils.


Save costs

reduce your need for external courses, consultants and facilitators, and save DSL time.

Manage safeguarding training across your trust

We know that keeping track of safeguarding at trust level requires different tools to those needed at single-school level.

With Safeguarding Training Centre, you can access a bespoke dashboard to help you track training completion, uphold standards, and roll out a comprehensive new model of safeguarding training across your multi-academy trust to help you minimise risk and uphold standards.

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