Anti-bullying: staff briefing

This briefing, updated ahead of anti-bullying week 2023, covers:

  • Why awareness of bullying is so important
  • What bullying is and who's more vulnerable
  • How staff can spot bullying
  • What staff should do if they're concerned, and how they can support a child affected by prejudice-based bullying
  • Evaluating your school's approach to preventing bullying (optional)

How to use these resources

    1. Download the PowerPoint presentation, facilitator notes and group activity pack
    2. Decide whether your staff need in-depth training, or more of an overview
      • If you want to cover this topic in depth, use all the slides and activities. The session should last 40 minutes
      • If you want to give staff more of an overview, miss out the activities. The session should last 15 minutes
    3. Work through the facilitator notes. They tell you everything you need to know to prepare, including what slides to use or delete to run this session in 40 minutes or 15 minutes. You’ll need these to hand when presenting

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