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Give staff a safeguarding update for the start of term

Remind staff of critical safeguarding information around returning to school following partial closure with this 30-minute update.

Suitable for:               All staff

Delivery method:       Remotely or face to face

Topics covered:         Where children might be at as they return to school
                                    How to report concerns and respond to disclosures
                                    How to talk to children about theirworries and mental health
                                    How to respond to online hoaxes and challenges
                                   Proposed changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education

Contents:                    An interactive, adaptable presentation, facilitator notes, staff handout 
                                    and remote delivery guidance

Session length:          30 minutes

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Induct new starters on Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1

Our engaging eLearning course ‘Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials 2020/21’ can be used to induct new starters throughout the year. Participants will need to pass a 10-question safeguarding assessment at the end.

Suitable for:                         All staff

Topics covered:                   Latest updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1

Session length:                    1 hour 15 minutes

Certificate granted?            Yes

Copy the link below to invite your staff to the course.

Safeguarding and child protection: the essentials 2020/21

Test and evidence staff knowledge of KCSIE pt.1

Test staff knowledge and understanding of KCSIE pt.1 with our 10-question assessment.

Copy the link below and send to your staff

Keeping Children Safe in Education - Part 1 assessment

Staff results will feed into your training dashboard 

Circulate safer recruitment elearning with any staff and governors on your recruitment panel

Share this 60-min eLearning course with any staff or governors involved in the recruitment process, to make sure they meet statutory requirements and keep pupils safe.

Suitable for:                         Those involved in recruiting, in particular senior leaders and governors

Topics covered:                   How to make sure your recruitment practice meets statutory requirements and does everything possible to protect children from risk of harm

Session length:                    1 hour

Certificate granted?            Yes

Copy the link below to invite your staff to the course.

Safer recruitment in education

Regularly update staff on safeguarding

Use our safeguarding scenarios to:

  • Test whether your staff can spot potential safeguarding issues
  • Check your staff's knowledge of your procedures

Use our factsheets to make staff aware of a range of safeguarding issues.

Go to Factsheets and briefings

Start planning your September INSET

We’ll be updating our INSET pack for 2021, ready for you to download and deliver. We’ll also be updating our Safeguarding Essentials elearning.

Awareness days this term:

10-16 May

Mental Health Awareness Week

Use our resources below, developed with experts in child mental health, to make sure staff know what to look out for and feel confident talking to pupils about mental health.

Pupil mental health: deepening understandingPupil mental health: anxiety

Pupil mental health: depressionPupil mental health: self-harm and suicidal ideation