Safeguarding for governance

Make sure you're meeting the expectation for your governors to have safeguarding training with this elearning, created for The Key for School Governors.

Course lengthAround 125 to 135 minutes, plus follow-up activities
Suitable forAll governors
Certificate granted?Yes

This course covers:

  • What safeguarding means
  • Safeguarding in your school
  • Working together to keep children safe
  • How to monitor safeguarding

There's an assessment at the end to test how well you've understood the main points from the course. Plus, find your next steps at the end.

Please note: 

If you have membership for both The Key Safeguarding and The Key for School Governors and GovernorHub, you can access this course on either site. 

Governors’ training records will show on the site they took the training on, so if some governors are missing from the training records, please check the other site. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes you.

Children cheering