What is Safeguarding Training Centre?

Safeguarding Training Centre will cut the time you spend running annual safeguarding training and give you total confidence that you’re meeting your statutory obligations.

We understand that school staff at all levels are under increasing pressure to make a difference to outcomes, with little time to plan their workload, prioritise and learn. But when it comes to keeping children safe, there are no shortcuts.  

Safeguarding Training Centre is the simplest, most cost-effective and time-saving way to train your staff on the latest requirements. Featuring ready to deliver, quality assured training modules, as well as follow-up elearning and assessments to track understanding, it gives educators the confidence to spot problems and take action.   

Our dedicated team works hand in hand with experts in the sector to collate all the intelligence schools need to be compliant.

Features include:


Safeguarding INSET pack

Download our INSET pack for face-to-face, whole school training at the beginning of the school year 


DSL knowledge bank

Brief staff and parents with informative factsheets and case studies from our DSL resource bank 


Safeguarding assessments

Use assessments to report on staff confidence pre-training and compliance post-training. Results display on a personalised school dashboard



Induct staff joining mid-year and address specific safeguarding issues with our elearning courses: safeguarding essentials, preventing radicalisation and safer recruitment.

Safeguarding essentials demo