Trainees and NQTs: safeguarding essentials

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New teachers need safeguarding support

Following inspections of initial teacher education, Ofsted has flagged that trainees' understanding of safeguarding needs improvement.  It found trainee teachers:

  • Didn't understand what safeguarding was, or their responsibilities
  • Weren't provided with the documents they needed
  • Lacked knowledge of the Prevent duty and teaching British values

Factsheet for trainees and NQTs

Share the factsheet above with your trainees and newly qualified teachers (NQTs) to ensure they understand:

  • What to do if they have a concern

  • The range of safeguarding concerns they might encounter

  • Their responsibilities in relation to female genital mutilation and the Prevent duty

  • The reading and training they need to complete at induction

Where next?

Safeguarding Training Centre has an INSET pack that can be used to train staff on:

  • The signs and indicators of abuse
  • Specific safeguarding issues
  • Safer working practices 
  • Legislation and guidance
  • Serious case reviews
  • Information sharing
  • Disclosures
  • Reporting concerns
  • The duty to refer

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