Your child's screen time: parent guide

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Download and share this guide with parents to make them aware of the risks around screen time for children, and how to keep their child safe and healthy.

You can share this guide however you think is best - whether that's by email, printing copies to hand out, or putting it on your school website. We just ask that you keep our logo on it, so it's clear that it was produced by The Key Safeguarding.

If you're sharing this guide with parents, you could use the following text to introduce it:

"Devices are an easy way to keep children entertained, and spending time online and on devices can be a positive thing. But higher screen time puts children at risk of being bullied or abused, seeing inappropriate content, and not getting enough sleep and exercise. Read this guide to find out how to keep your child safe and healthy."

June 2022

We've updated this guide to:

  • Reflect the lack of certainty from medical professionals around screen time limits for children
  • Update the instructions for setting parental controls on devices
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