Summer term 2019 safeguarding briefing (primary)

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Summer term safeguarding briefing (primary)

Use this ready-made briefing to update all staff on key safeguarding issues, and help them understand a specific issue that’s particularly relevant at this point in the year.

With this briefing, you’ll:

  • Remind staff of their statutory safeguarding responsibilities
  • Re-cap the latest changes to statutory guidance and focus in on understanding peer-on-peer abuse
  • Help staff understand how your school deals with knife crime (following Ofsted’s March 2019 research report on knife crime, we’ve included this optional section that you can include if it’s an issue in your school)
  • Focus on one seasonal issue: understanding test anxiety and how to support pupils

This briefing is designed to last 30 minutes (35 if you include the knife crime section).

Deliver it during your first summer term INSET, or your first staff briefing of the summer term.

This briefing is available exclusively to members of the whole school package.