Safeguarding and child protection INSET pack 2020/21

Meet your safeguarding training obligations with our download-and-deliver INSET presentation and resources, all fully in line with the 2020 Keeping Children Safe in Education and optimised for remote delivery.

This safeguarding INSET is made up of 2 sessions, both covered in one PowerPoint:

  • 1 session that covers Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1
  • 1 session that covers reintegrating pupils following school closure

In the KCSIE part 1 session, staff will learn to:

  • Recognise the signs of the 4 main types of abuse
  • Spot signs of specific safeguarding issues, including issues that are more relevant in the context of coronavirus and lockdown
  • Act on their concerns
  • Respond to disclosures

In the reintegration session, staff will learn:

  • How to spot signs of anxiety, trauma and grief - these are all issues that are likely to be more prevalent among children as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What to do if they spot a child is struggling

The reintegration session is the same as our course on reintegrating pupils following school closure. The only differences are that we've:

  • Combined it with the KCSIE part 1 session to make it easier for you to deliver both at the same INSET day
  • Removed domestic abuse from the reintegration session, so there's no repetition with the KCSIE part 1 session

What's new for 2020?

  • Information on specific safeguarding issues that are new to Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1, and that are relevant now, including:
  • 40-minute interactive training session on reintegrating pupils into school
  • Editable slides to remind staff of your interim safeguarding procedures during COVID-19
  • New scenarios to help staff practise what they're learning
  • New videos, illustrations and voiceovers to keep staff interested and engaged

We also have a new version of our safeguarding assessment, which tests knowledge of Keeping Children Safe in Education part 1 - so you can be sure everyone knows what they need to know.

The course materials include:
> Engaging presentation slides covering the key information staff need to know - minimal adaptation needed
> Clear facilitator notes with step-by-step pointers on the information you need to share during the course and instructions on where to adapt slides to suit your local context
Expert-approved guidance on how to deliver this training remotely, with ease
> Immersive scenarios to help staff learn, including videos and illustrations
> Interactive activities for staff to practise what they’re learning and test their knowledge 
> Staff handout summarising the changes to KCSIE part 1

How to use this

  • Download the PowerPoint presentation, facilitator notes, staff activities, staff handout and remote delivery guide (whichever guide is right for you)
  • Work through the facilitator notes first. They tell you everything you need to know to prepare and deliver the PowerPoint presentation effectively. You’ll need these to hand when presenting - if you’re training remotely, print them out or have them open on a separate device so you can refer to them easily while presenting your main screen
  • Use our remote delivery guide to get everything set up as you need it if you're delivering the session via Microsoft Teams (part of Office 365 Education) or Google Classroom and Google Meet (part of G Suite for Education). You’ll learn how to make the tech work for you and facilitate remote collaboration with confidence