Private fostering: staff factsheet

Use this factsheet to make staff aware of private fostering as a potential safeguarding issue, and what they can look out for.

Last reviewed on 17 June 2022
Ref: 1960

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Staff factsheet

Share this factsheet with staff to make them aware of:

  • What private fostering is
  • Why it's a potential safeguarding concern
  • What to look out for
  • What to do if they have concerns

You could either use it as a basis for talking about the issue at a staff meeting, or send it round for staff to read themselves.

Want to make it more interactive? Use these questions to start a discussion:

  • What signs would you look for to identify whether a pupil is currently, or is likely to be, cared for under private fostering arrangements?
  • Why might pupils who are cared for in private fostering arrangements be at risk?
  • Can you think of any young people in our school who may be more likely to be privately fostered at some point, or who may already be in such an arrangement? What could we do to reduce the likelihood of them being at risk?
  • What might prevent parents or carers from informing the local authority about private fostering arrangements? What can we do to help them overcome these barriers?
  • Are there any preconceptions that might reduce our capacity to spot the indicators of private fostering?
  • How might we build our relationships with families to reduce the likelihood of private fostering arrangements happening or going unnoticed, unreported or unsupported?

Next ...

... use our safeguarding scenario to check whether your staff can sport potential private fostering situations, and their understanding of your procedures.

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