Posters: What to do if something upsets you online (primary and secondary)

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  • What to do if something upsets you online – posters 3 resources

Download, print and display our posters on what pupils should do if they see something online that scares, worries or upsets them.

Choose between a poster for:

  • Younger (EYFS/KS1) primary pupils
  • Older (KS2) primary pupils
  • Secondary pupils

You can display these:

  • In classrooms
  • In your ICT suite
  • In corridors

All posters contain a space for you to include the name of your designated safeguarding lead (DSL). The poster for younger primary pupils also contains space for a photo of your DSL.

Please note: the poster may not appear in full colour in Word, but will be in full colour when printed.

Children cheering