Children missing from home or care

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Share this factsheet with staff to raise awareness of this issue and what to do about missing children or adults.

If you're using it at a staff meeting, use the following questions for a discussion:

  • What opportunities do our pupils have to talk to us about problems they are experiencing at home?
  • How long should we search for a pupil who we think has gone missing?
  • Can you think of pupils who you would consider to be at risk based on the factors shared in this factsheet?
  • How would we find out that an adult close to a pupil has gone missing?
  • What might prevent our swift reporting of a child’s absence? Is there anything we should do to improve our systems or to change our attitudes in relation to these hindrances?
  • How do we minimise the risk of pupils being abducted?
  • Which other areas of safeguarding does this topic overlap with?