Loot boxes and skins betting: parent factsheet

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Are your parents aware of loot boxes and skins betting, and the risks that these pose to children? Use our factsheet to make sure they are.

Last reviewed on 6 July 2022
Ref: 1860

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Loot boxes and skins betting: parent factsheet

Loot boxes and skins betting have previously been in the news for their links to underage gambling, and still exist in some form in many games. Understandably, in-game spending is also a concern for many parents.

Share this factsheet with your parents to help them understand loot boxes and skins betting and what they can do to protect their child.

You can share it however you think is best - whether that's by email, printing copies to hand out, or putting it on your school website. We just ask that you keep our logo on the factsheet, so it's clear that it was produced by The Key Safeguarding.

Sharing this in a newsletter or emailing it to parents?

Use this text to introduce it:

"You might have heard of loot boxes and skins betting and their links to underage gambling. Find out more about what they are, and what you can do to keep your child safe, with this factsheet."

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