Faith-based abuse: staff factsheet

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Share this factsheet with staff to increase their awareness of faith-based abuse as a safeguarding issue. You can talk through it at a staff meeting and share it later, or send it round to staff.

Want to make it more interactive? Use these questions to start a discussion at a staff meeting:

  • What role can our school play in supporting the wider community in relation to faith and belief-based abuse? What factors should be taken into account where this is attempted?
  • How does our wider relationship with parents and carers factor into cases involving faith or belief-based abuse? What might jeopardise otherwise positive relationships and how can we mitigate against this?
  • Why are children with some disabilities more likely to become victims?
  • Are there any pupils you view as particularly vulnerable to faith-based abuse in our setting?
  • What more would you like to know about this topic?
  • Were you surprised by any of the information in the first section of the factsheet? What might this tell you about your own beliefs and values in relation to this topic?

Next ...

... follow up with our safeguarding scenario on faith-based abuse, to check whether staff can spot potential signs and know how to follow your procedures.

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