Drugs: staff factsheet

Use this factsheet to make sure staff are clear on:

  • Why they need to be alert to drug use among pupils
  • What to look out for
  • What to do if they find drugs, including rules around searching and confiscating

You could either use it as a basis for talking about the issue at a staff meeting, or send it round for staff to read themselves. Before you share it, make sure to adapt the 'What to do' section to reflect your school's policy and procedures.

Want to make it more interactive?

Use these questions to prompt discussion at a staff meeting:

  • How do we make sure young people who are using drugs or alcohol get the support they need?
  • Can you think of young people in our school who you feel may be more vulnerable or susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse? What could we do in a proactive way to reduce the likelihood of them becoming users?
  • How can we discourage drug and alcohol abuse through our curriculum?
  • How can we make sure we have a "safeguarding first" approach to our searching and confiscation procedures?
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