TikTok: parent factsheet

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Download and share this factsheet with parents to help them keep their children safe on video-sharing app TikTok.

9 September 2020 update: Please note that while this hugely popular app has mostly been free of safeguarding concerns until now, there are currently news reports that some users, including children and young people, are being exposed to a distressing video of a man killing himself, which is said to be circulating on the platform. In some cases the video is hard to avoid - users may be watching a different video entirely that then cuts to the suicide clip without warning.

TikTok says it is working to remove all instances of this video, but you may wish to let parents know about this risk. Our factsheet includes instructions on how to report inappropriate or distressing content.

You can share this factsheet however you think is best - whether that's by email, printing copies to hand out, or putting it on your school website. We just ask that you keep our logo on it, so it's clear that it was produced by Safeguarding Training Centre from The Key.

Sharing this in a newsletter or emailing it to parents?

Use this text to introduce it:

"You might have seen in the news that a video showing a man killing himself has been circulating on TikTok. Although TikTok has taken the video down and says it is deleting any other uploads of it, some users have reported seeing videos which seem harmless but then cut to the suicide clip without warning. 

The video shows a bearded man sitting at a desk.

You might want to encourage your child to avoid TikTok for a little while, and make sure they know how to report inappropriate content and understand that they can talk to you about anything they find upsetting on the app.

This factsheet explains how to help keep your child safe on TikTok, including how to report content."