TikTok: parent factsheet

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Download and share this factsheet with parents to help them keep their children safe on video-sharing app TikTok.

The app is huge with children at the moment. It's mostly been free of trolling and safety issues so far, but it has hit the news headlines over concerns about some users harassing children for inappropriate images.

You can share this factsheet however you think is best - whether that's by email, printing copies to hand out, or putting it on your school website. We just ask that you keep our logo on it, so it's clear that it was produced by Safeguarding Training Centre from The Key.

Sharing this in a newsletter or emailing it to parents?

Use this text to introduce it:

"TikTok is huge with children and teenagers right now. It's a video-sharing app which has been fairly free of controversy so far, but there are some risks. It's adding a new feature called 'family safety mode', which lets you set controls on your child's phone from your own phone - though you will need to have a TikTok account yourself to do this. Read this factsheet to learn more about the new feature, and how to keep your child safe on TikTok."

May 2020:

We've updated this factsheet to reflect TikTok banning under-16s from sending or receiving private messages on the app.