TikTok: parent factsheet

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Download and share this factsheet with parents to help them keep their children safe on video-sharing app TikTok.

18 January 2021 update: TikTok has added new safety measures - this includes setting accounts for users aged 13 to 15 as 'private' by default, and restricting interactions like duets and comments for users under 16.

You can share this factsheet however you think is best - whether that's by email, printing copies to hand out, or putting it on your school website. We just ask that you keep our logo on it, so it's clear that it was produced by Safeguarding Training Centre from The Key.

Sharing this in a newsletter or emailing it to parents?

Use this text to introduce it:

"TikTok has added new safety measures, including setting accounts to private by default for users aged under 16. Read this factsheet to learn about steps you can take to help keep your child safe on TikTok."