Anti-bullying: the essentials

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Do your staff have a strong understanding of how to raise awareness about bullying? The session will also offer an opportunity for participants to evaluate the school’s approach to bullying, and consider how it might be improved. The update is designed to last 25 minutes, but can be tailored to suit your timings and the needs of your staff.

Learning objectives

The aim of this session is to:

  • Raise awareness about bullying
  • Encourage participants to evaluate approaches to bullying 
  • Consider improved approaches

More on about bullying

Safeguarding Training Centre from The Key also has factsheets on bullying, which you can access here

The factsheets cover: 

  • The definition of bullying 
  • Signs of bullying
  • What to do if you have a concern
  • Next steps 

You will also find a series of reflection and discussion questions for staff.